Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Le Zebre Bleu

My latest work got posted today on one of my favorite blogs, Le Zebre Bleu. The following excerpt made my day:

Here is a video and some awe-inspiring pictures from JOHN GRANT's new series of work entitled THE LANGUAGE OF WATER where he captures the simple dispersion of ink into water. And the result is absolutely beautiful.
Mixed with the enchanting music, the stop-action video is passionate, dark, secret, enigmatic, sensual and lascivious and it really moved me. It left me somehow dreamy, anxious or worried, maybe sad but mostly contemplative, feeling like the whole beauty of the world and it's complexity could be seen through drops of ink in water. All I can say is : Amazing... This morning, the language of water is the language to my heart. I just wished the video would have kept through the whole song...

Woman of the Waters

Still editing on this series. This lovely lady showed up last night. Very elegant.